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Manakai Swimwear is excited and proud to be a sponsor of THE BUTTERFLY EVENT which takes place in Paia, Maui on April 16th 2016! What is this event you may be asking?

2016 Maui Butterfly Effect

Tatiana Howard, a Maui resident, has created a movement. A movement that is gaining momentum world wide. When Tatiana approached Manakai Swimwear to be a part of movement this coming April, we jumped on board because the vision and mission behind The Butterfly Effect, is something Manakai stands behind: women empowerment, sisterhood, healthy active lifestyle, and environmental and community outreach.

The Butterfly Effect is a worldwide movement hinged on empowering and inspiring athletic women everywhere, to grow together as a community and to use their collective drive to give back to local charities, all while encouraging a healthy lifestyle, a vibrant community, and active local involvement. Since its first event in 2007 on Maui, Hawaii with a dozen women, The Butterfly Effect has evolved into a BE ALOHA World Tour with over 30 different non-competitive events in 17 countries and with thousands of participants.

The Butterfly Effect events create an environment that gives participants the confidence to achieve a goal in a supportive group setting. We’ll take you as you are! Do you paddle, windsurf, kite, kayak or swim? Are you a beginner, local shredder, or maybe a pro? It doesn’t matter: all of these sports and experience levels are welcome. We’re all in it, but not to win it! Each event includes the following activities:

• Community Give-Back (beach clean-up, clothing donation, free clinics, fundraising, etc.)
• Introductory yoga class and warm-up stretch prior to the main activity.
• A “Downwind” event, in which the rider starts at one point and ends up at another point downwind of the original location.
• Ending ceremony with party, sponsor gifts, food, drinks, music, and a fashion show.


Watch video and join the movement!!


click here to purchase tickets!!!


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