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Manakai Swimwear Launches Kickstarter

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Manakai Swimwear + Sustainability 

Have you ever felt like you were stuck on a small island in the middle of the ocean and nothing you did made a difference? We have felt that way (literally here on Maui) many times and have finally found a way to impact the world. Manakai Swimwear is revamping to a sustainable swimwear line from start to finish. There are very few companies that are taking the step of turning single-use plastics into high-end swimwear. We hope to lead the fashion industry into making ethical choices positively affecting the environment and workers alike. We need your help to do that.

Please pledge! And if you have connections with organizations or individuals that would be excited to share the story of Manakai Swimwear we would love you to connect us. 

Click on the photo below to watch our story, learn who we are, and why it is important for us to take the path to create low impact, high-fashion swimwear.

Click photo and watch now

Manakai Kickstarter Campaign


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