Slow Fashion

Just as the food industry is moving toward ideals focused on sustainable sourcing and local production, so is the fashion industry. Slow fashion is bucking the current hype of the fast fashion trend by offering clothing manufactured by local companies using sustainable and eco-conscious textiles. Consumers are no longer looking for the $5 t-shirt deals that fall apart just in time for next week’s new color and style. Fashion industry catastrophes such as the 2013 building collapse in Bangladesh killing approximately 1,100 and numerous other collapses and fires simply cannot be allowed to continue. The blood of garment workers is not an ingredient in producing clothing. We need a fashion industry that is not harmful to the planet.

Manakai Swimwear is currently working towards providing swimwear that is made locally, in the USA, and sourcing materials that are recycled. Our goal is to provide you beautiful tailored swimwear that you love because it feels good on, the quality last for years, and both the environment and workers who created each piece were considered and cared for. We strive to help create consciousness in the world of fashion and want to help reveal the importance of our buying decisions. We look forward to becoming Hawaii’s best swimwear company and doing our part as a small business.



 PC: David Parias


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