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Hana, Maui Swimwear Photo Shoot

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Behind the scenes Manakai Swimwear photo shoot Neroli Bikini Top and Juniper Bikini Bottoms
Rodrigo photographing model Audra in Reversible Neroli Top and Reversible Juniper Bottom in Turquoise/Tan Snake Print

Manakai Swimwear recently completed its first professional swimwear photo shoot in Maui’s most remarkable and remote town, Hana. Driving the picturesque rode home is always an uplifting and a feel good experience for Anna as well as Kelley who has turned to Hana many times when needing an energy-recharging weekend away from “the otherside.” It is only natural that Hana was chosen to showcase two stunning and strong women who embody the heart and soul of Manakai Swimwear. Waiʻānapanapa’s bold and stark black features allowed professional photographer Rodrigo Moraes to capture many astonishing and exotic shots of each swimwear model as they moved through cave, jungle, and beach locations. Traversing the cinder cliff-side trail flooded Anna with memories of learning to swim and cliff jump with family and friends at Kaihalulu, or Red Sands Beach. Drawing strength from the spectrum of reds that make up the world famous beach created many powerful shots not often seen in the fashion world.

These breathtaking exotic photographs exemplify Manakai Swimwear’s young at heart and timeless in sophistication fashion choices.  


Behind the scenes with swimwear model Nicole Haglund in Vetiver Bikini Bottoms and Tulsi Bikini Top
Swimwear Model Nicole in Reversible Tulsi Top and Reversible Vetiver Bottom in Turquoise/Tan Snake Print


Manakai Swimwear Owners Kelley and Anna, Photographer Rodrigo, Models Nicole and Audra, and Videographer Vini

Special thank you to Rodrigo Moraes. Amazing photographer with super aloha spirit!! 

Aloha from Hana!!!!!

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  • Elayne: November 09, 2015

    Beautiful suits and pics of Audra!

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