Coconut Information

Coconut Information for Maui’s New Bikini Sensation!


Manakai Swimwear is bringing the coconut revolution to women worldwide! We have added Coconut Skin Serum to our webshop and are offering a FREE BOTTLE WITH EVERY BIKINI PURCHASE (while supplies last)! Feel free to purchase just the Skin Serum on our webshop.

 Coconut Information

With coconut water, oil, butter, flour, and other products gaining worldwide popularity it is only natural that several parties are looking into planting more of these incredibly diverse trees. Many island cultures traditionally planted a coconut when each child was born, ensuring that they would have a food source for their entire life. As coconut trees can start producing nuts as early as 3 years of planting and will continue producing monthly for approximately 70 years, one tree can certainly provide a lot of sustenance if properly cared for. This practice has not been perpetuated amongst all Maui residents, but fret not, there is a huge movement to plant more trees and bring sustainable food sourcing to all island residents.

Coconut Information is a key player in spreading knowledge about the benefits of planting, caring, and properly harvesting this amazing tree and its products. They are continuously planting keiki, harvesting and processing coconuts. Their 100% local, handmade, raw, never heated, pressed or dehydrated true virgin Coconut Skin Serum infused with pua of kumu nui (coconut tree flower), jungle harvested vanilla bean, and a touch of organic Maui coffee can be used in so many different ways. Use it as your lip balm. Use it as your face moisturizer. Use it as your perfume. Use it as your sunscreen. Once you open it you will not be able to stop finding ways to sneak your Skin Serum into every day life. Don’t forget to grab your Skin Serum as you walk out the door in your brand new exotic bikini. Perfect for freshening up after an enlightening yoga practice or beautiful waterfall adventure.

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