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Why yes it is incredibly difficult to make that decision…

Which colors will sell next year?
Which prints are going to be “in?”
Which styles will be the most popular?
What body type will this suit fit best?


It takes years of following industry trends to even get an inkling of what may or may not be profitable. Luckily Kelley has years of experience and has made those often stressful decisions time and time again with incredible success. She is a true fashion forward thinker, but with environmental sustainability and ethical working conditions in mind, it gets tougher. Choosing the proper fabric suppliers and manufacturers with Manakai’s shared morals and ethics add a whole new spectrum to designing.


Now more questions are added into the mix:

Are the statistics about recycled production true?
Are USA manufacturers paying proper wages?
Are the manufacturers outsourcing?



For Kelley and Anna the extra time spent researching company ethics and practices are well worth it.

“We want to create a company that aligns with our ideals and lifestyle choices,” says Kelley, who spends much of her free time in the ocean.

“The fashion industry as a whole is quite detrimental to the environment, but if we can instigate a change in the way our competitors work, then we may be able to start a landslide of eco conscious decisions and practices,” says Anna, who grew up in the jungles of Hana.


Keep following Manakai Swimwear for updates on the 2016 eco swimwear collection.

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