Hana Photoshoot

Manakai Swimwear


Location - Hana

Models - Nicole and Audra

Photographer - Rodrigo Moraes 

Manakai Swimwear  selected a pretty special location to do their photoshoot in Hana, Maui. Listen to what the owners have to say about the chosen location.

"Growing up in Hana taught me many important lessons about the island and protecting the things that are considered sacred" states Anna Lieding. 

"Most people simply pass by Hana Town and never capture the true essence of the place. The individuals that are searching for wonderment quickly learn that Hana demands respect. For those that slow down, dive deep, and live in the moment... they are the ones that will leave understanding the true mana that Hana holds" explains Kelley Chapman. 

Manakai Swimwear blends perfectly in Hana

exotic swimwear 

Vetiver Bottoms || Jasmine Top || Fierce Goddess

beautiful swimwear

Leopard Print || Vetiver Bottoms || Attar Top

sexy swimwear

 Azure Blue || Cinnamon Bottoms || Jasmine Top

maui swimwear

 Turquoise || Juniper Bottoms || Neroli Top


Dive Deeper & Connect

cute swimwear

maui swimwear company 

Azure Blue || Cinnamon Bottoms || Jasmine Top

bikini company

Brown Snake || Neroli Top || Juniper Bottoms

bikini set

Deep Silver || Sweet Basil Bottoms || Attar Top



Live In The Moment

boho chic swimwear

Pink Snake || Vanilla Top


exotic swimwear

beautiful bikini

Leopard Print || Vetiver Bottoms || Attar Top

sexy bikini

Vetiver Bottoms || Jasmine Top

maui swimwearred sand beach 


Brown Snake || Vetiver Bottoms || Tulsi Top


"Special Mahalo to the beautiful town of Hana and everyone involved in creating the magic!" ~ Manakai Tribe





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Beautiful! Wow! I want every piece!!!

Lydia November 20, 2015

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