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Adventure Photo Shoot Extraordinaire

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Hawaiian Swimwear
There are photo shoots and then there are Manakai Swimwear photo shoots.
Packing large backpacks of gear down sheer 70’ cliffs.
Timing sets for the perfect shot.
Blazing new trails.
underwater photography  


Photographer Drew Sulock and owner Kelley Chapman directing models Ashley and Shannon.


These are the things that make for epic and original art. Hours in the water with 30 knot sustained wind are some of the challenges that keep Drew Sulock, Environmental Eyes adventurous and innovative photographer, motivated. Composing and successfully shooting the day’s under/over photographs was an incredible team effort for all players involved. The stunning beauties Ashley Baxter and Shannon O’Neill posed in and out of the water under the guidance of Kelley and Anna.  The laughter, the smiles, and the encouragement from everyone involved was uplifting and kept spirits high.  Several over/under photos with some underwater videography, a couple of downhill longboard runs and a Milky Way night climb mission completed what was already an amazing day.




Manakai Swimwear


(Watch Our Video)

Manakai Swimwear from Manakai Swimwear on Vimeo.

long boarding on Maui


Models Ashley and Shannon dancing on wheels || Rose Top.

 Climbing on Maui

Model Ashley climbing || Rose Top || Cinnamon Bottoms

Smiles abounded, creative juices flowed, and that inner feel-good experience was had by all.

Thank you so much for keeping the stoke high and being BOLD and WILD and RAW.





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