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It's Time to Admit That We Are Enough

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An amazing read!  Written by Anna Lieding's childhood friend from the jungles of Nahiku, Maui, Summer Engman, life coach & writer is on a mission to help everyone unlock the love in their hearts and lead extraordinary, purposeful lives.  Summer has done what so many are afraid to do.  She has embarked on an amazing around the world adventure, but not without sacrifice.  Keep on reading and you will be truly inspired!

Summer Engman Life Coach


"I've become truly comfortable with being on my own. 

I recently ended a major relationship and began traveling the world solo with no final destination or end date planned. Both of these transitions happened simultaneously and each one of them made the other that much more challenging. When you're a world away from anyone who knows you and you're in the midst of an all-encompassing heartbreak, the shattering of an expected future, and a sense of complete uncertainty about where you'll end up, you learn to be enough for yourself, fast... at least I did."

Continue with the FULL ARTICLE featured on the Huffington Post and learn how Summer learned to be enough for herself.

Summer Engman Life Coach


"You are enough and you already have enough."


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