Birth, the Rite of Passage : A Special Message to All Women


A Special Message to All Women

Written by owner/designer, Kelley Chapman


Rite of Passage

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There is nothing more beautiful witnessing a new Mama embrace her transformation into motherhood. Each day as I walk the beaches of Hawaii, I witness pregnant mamas shining in the sun, arms wrapped around their bellies with a look of bliss on their faces. Perhaps this is the image many people paint for themselves. However, during the transition into Mamahood THE RITE OF PASSAGE is not always easy.

After being in the swimwear industry and helping thousands of women find the perfect swimwear, the reality of the harshness most women have, pregnant or not, on their bodies pulls my heartstrings. Diving into deep personal conversation with in a matter of minutes is a normal part of my workflow. I listen, love, and offer support in any way possible. With an open heart and abundance of love, this is the message I want to share with all women:

A wise woman once told me that a true connoisseur of beauty can feel the difference between the glamour of a well-decorated mask and the heart-melting entrancement of effulgence emanating from the gift of true beauty. The way to tell the difference is that one exists in the realm of effort, while the other exists as a form of grace, which lies in the depths of our being and is available to you from the time of birth. Dive deeply; remember you were born into the realm of grace. Don’t allow society to make you believe you have to be on an endless search of beauty outside of yourself.

For all the mamas-to-be, The Rite of Passage into motherhood is a journey like no other. It is a time of great loss and great gain. The emotional and physical shifts that occur can be painful & confusing, but I lovingly encourage you to journey forward with your new dance and be gentle with yourself, to shift your focus on the innate wisdom and power that naturally comes with being a woman. All women have this divine wisdom and strength, yet when you enter into Motherhood, your awareness and remembrance of these qualities come forth with greater clarity. Remember the power of unconditional love, the resourcefulness that lives within, the strength within your temple body. Remember that you are beautiful. Remember that you are WOMAN!

I truly believe being pregnant in the Hawaiian Islands is a special gift. We have to applaud and acknowledge the poetic stories of Hawaii that reflect strength, bravery, and perseverance. During The Rite of Passage, I encourage you to pull from the Mana (spirit) of these sacred islands. I encourage you to go to Kai (ocean), which will provide comfort and peace of mind.

I encourage you to dive deeper and deeper until all self-judgment dissipates, and you feel the same unconditional love for yourself that you feel for your unborn child. You are both beautiful, and you have both shared this rite of passage, Birth.

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