Coming Soon ... Manakai Swimwear Eco~Conscious Collection


We are extremely excited to announce that our Eco~Conscious Collection will be available in the very near future.

In a world of large brands focusing on fast fashion, high turnaround, and even higher profit margins, Manakai Swimwear is leaving mainstream industry practices and operating with sustainability and eco-consciousness. 

How do we do it?

Manakai Swimwear’s new Eco-Conscious Collection uses sustainable techno-fabric made with Econyl® - 100% regenerated polyamide fiber. The fiber is produced from pre- and post-consumer plastics. Waste reduction is realized by taking plastics such as carpet fluff straight from industrial facilities. Waste removal from the ocean occurs by collecting fishing line, cargo nets, and other single use plastics. These plastics are sorted, broken down, melted, stretched into filaments, and then eventually woven into blended Lycra. In order to assure there is absolutely no compromise in quality we have selected a top-notch Italian-made repurposed Lycra. There is no physical difference when put up against virgin Lycra, but the science behind the fabric made of repurposed plastic proves that the differences go much farther than comparing the feel of the fabric against your skin.

Here are just a few of the benefits of purchasing products made of repurposed plastics:

  1. Requires approximately 2/3 less energy and 80% less water to produce.

  2. Reduces global oil production and consumption.

  3. Utilizes pre- and post-consumer discards.

  4. Removal of toxic waste from oceans and beaches.


Why did we rebrand Manakai? 

Co-Owner/Designer Kelley Chapman states, “The decision to use more sustainable products and manufacture ethically was easy. It is no secret that the fashion realm needs to rebuild and restructure itself to become more sustainable. Each year, roughly 70 million barrels of oil are used to produce virgin polyester. Why?”

Kelley is thrilled to introduce the new Eco~Conscious Exotic Swimwear collection. “I have worked hard this past year reconstructing older designs, creating new designs, and branding Manakai in a way that stands out from other swimwear companies. This next collection is going to be special. I have put my heart and soul into this production and I believe the end results will speak for themselves.”

With an extensive marine background, co-owner Anna Lieding is not only indebted to focus on sustainable practices, but also very grateful to work with small family-owned companies. “Having grown up on Maui I know the importance of supporting businesses that have been in operation for generations. There are many jobs and skill-sets that are being lost due to outsourcing. Seeing a young girl peek out from behind a desk to watch her mom fine-tune our new patterns and knowing that we are helping provide a future for keiki, or children, is what it is all about.”

Anna states, “Although the cost of choosing to work in the USA with eco-conscious practices is great, the cost to our environment and the people by choosing to operate a business in any other way is something I simply cannot fathom.”


Manakai Swimwear will be teaming up with select retailers around Hawaii to spread their vision across the islands They will expand their retail presence in the US, and internationally, and will also continue to be an online presence at If you are interested in wholesaling with Manakai Swimwear please contact Kelley Chapman at (808) 281-0944 or email,


Manakai Swimwear is based in Maui, Hawaii and has been in operation since August 28th 2015. With a focus on high-fashion, low-impact, ocean conservation, and women empowerment the brand is truly one of a kind. Holding a level of integrity in all aspects of the company is most important to owners Kelley Chapman and Anna Lieding.

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With a focus on high-fashion, low-impact, ocean conservation, and women empowerment Manakai Swimwear is truly one of a kind. Holding a level of integrity in all aspects of the company is of utmost importance and we hope that you agree wholeheartedly.



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