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Manakai Swimwear Seasonal Bikini Guide

The One Piece

Summer is here and with holidays, festivals, and women who are getting more in touch with their femininity it is always the best season for wonderful swimwear.  And with the collective consciousness growing around creating a world focused on sustainability we wanted to share in-depth detail about Manakai Swimwear’s pieces.

This is all about Manakai Swimwear's first one piece.  The Kava Kava has been an immediate success and will go down in history as a classic for all of the Manakai Tribe around the world.  This is our best seller.  Several women have returned to buy the Kava Kava in two or more colors, they just cannot get enough.

The Kava Kava
One Piece Swimsuit

This one piece is ready to take you places you have never been. The Kava Kava hugs your body like a glove allowing you to explore the wonders of the world care-free. If you are seeking where comfort and functional meets feminine, this is your one piece. Raw, Wild & Free. 

The y-back ensures you have extra support while keeping with the feminine vibe. The thick side-spaghetti strap is extra forgiving and helps fit a range of body types. With a little bit of cheeky-ness and low-plunge neckline this one piece is sure to make you stand out.  Feel secure both in and out of the water, wearing it for a surf session, or with jeans or a skirt for a quick cup of coffee.

Tips for Donning the Kava Kava: The Kava Kava has a high cut leg seam so be sure to pull it up on the hips when putting this gem on.  Make sure to pull the back up a little, adjust your breasts, and lay the straps down flat.  The side straps were designed so that they do not cut in to your skin and can be adjusted for individual body shapes.  


Remember that all Manakai Swimwear is fully reversible and seamless giving you a extra bang for your buck...two for one kind of deal.  In addition Manakai uses sustainable techno-fabric created from regenerated nylon 6. This nylon 6 is regenerated from sources such as rescued ghost nets from the ocean and industrial waste that is collected before it enters pathways that could cause it to become a pollutant. Because Econyl, the company that created this amazing regeneration system is quite innovative, swimwear made using their material lasts twice as long as virgin stretch fabrics and offers SPF 50. As we have built Manakai Swimwear with sustainability as our standard operating procedure, all of our swimwear is made in the USA.


Reach out to our sizing expert for any additional questions or guidance as we love chatting and making sure your Manakai is 100% perfect.  Feel free to email or call 808-281-0944



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