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Summer is here and with travel, festivals, and women who are getting more in touch with their femininity it is always the season for wonderful swimwear.  And with the collective consciousness growing around creating a world focused on sustainability we wanted to share in-depth detail about Manakai Swimwear’s pieces.

Each Manakai Swimwear bottom is as unique as it is versatile, perfect not just for water activities, but also for yoga, meditation, dancing, working out, as undergarments, and for an exotic accent.

Remember that all Manakai Swimwear bottoms are fully reversible and seamless so you are essentially getting two for the price of one.  In addition Manakai uses sustainable techno-fabric created from regenerated nylon 6. This nylon 6 is regenerated from sources such as rescued ghost nets from the ocean and industrial waste that is collected before it enters pathways that could cause it to become a pollutant. Because Econyl®,  the company that created this amazing regeneration system is quite innovative, swimwear made using their material lasts twice as long as virgin stretch fabrics and offers SPF 50. As we have built Manakai Swimwear with sustainability as our standard operating procedure, all of our swimwear is made in the USA.

Make sure to send us an email or give us a phone call if you have any questions about which top or bottom is best for you. We love chatting on the phone and making sure your Manakai is 100% perfect.



Cheeky Bottoms Sustainable Swimwear Maui Made in USA


Calling all sun worshipers, overt wildlings, gypsy souls & free spirits. The Cinnamon bottom is seamless, fully reversible and our cheekiest bikini bottom. Our favorite part about this bottom: One bottom transforms into two different bottoms. Color blocking or no color blocking? Totally up to you! Either way we guarantee you will feel RAW, WILD & FREE!

Tips for Donning the Cinnamon: This bottom is very secure and will allow you to move with the tides of the ocean, whether it is through dance, surf, dive, or whatever else your adventurous imagination can come up with. This bottom is designed to be very secure and fits best for USA pant size 0-8.



Maui Sustainable Swimwear Ginger Lily Bikini Bottom

Sophisticated small-medium coverage bottom with our custom side details & brass beaded side strap (nickel and lead free). You cannot go wrong with the essence of the Ginger Lily.

Tips for Donning the Ginger Lily: Straighten out the beautiful side-strap detail and feel free to change the position on your hips with a different look when placing the straps higher or lower. These bottoms are also very secure and fit USA pant size 0-8.



Maui Sustainable Swimwear Mix and Match Juniper and Neroli Wrap Top


Mmmmmm this bottom is perfect for the Goddess looking for slightly more coverage and comfort. The Juniper Bottom has our custom side details & antique brass beaded side strap (nickel and lead free). Now when we say 'fully reversible' we mean it. Try them inside out for color swap and be sure to switch the front to the back. Who knows... you may want to show our custom side details in the front?! Totally up to you sweet sister!

Tips for Donning the Juniper: Because the Juniper is reversible in every way, be sure to try them on with the strap detail in the front and switch it for the back. Every woman’s body is different and we know that it is those little changes that can make a world of a difference. The Juniper fits size 0-9.



Palo Santo Side Tie Bikini Bottom Maui Sustainable Swimwear


Side-tie tassels will make you want to dance it out. These cheeky bottoms will not disappoint. Beautiful macrame details on both front and back. With the seam in the middle of the backside be sure to pull them up for optimal fit. 

Tips for Donning the Palo Santo: Take your time. We repeat, take your time. These bottoms are absolutely stunning and fit beautifully if you take the time to tie the side tassels evenly. Make sure to line up the middle seam in your derriere and give it a small tug up for coverage. The Palo Santo rides low in the front, once again paying homage to our Brazilian connection. We always like to share that with bikini bottoms, a little less is often the most flattering. The Palo Santo fits size 0-10.



Sweet Basil Ruched Bikini Bottom Maui Hawaii Sustainable Swimwear

This one is dedicated to all our Mermaid siSTARS out there! The front panel has gathered fabric on each side giving this bikini bottom a little something extra special. The "key-hole" in the back is to help with ya sass & the ruched backside creates a little extra lift for ya tush. You may find yourself dancing to the rhythms of the ocean wearing this lovely essence. 

Tips for Donning the Sweet Basil: All bikini bottoms with ruching give extra shape to your bottom. Make sure to pull the ruching up so that there is nothing showing through the unique key-hole accent. Space out the strappy side detail and don’t forget to reverse these bottoms for a completely different look. The Sweet Basil fits USA pant size 0-9.


Remember you can always email or call Manakai Swimwear's sizing expert: or 808-281-0994

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