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Manakai Rescue Stories

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What if we told you each repurposed swimwear piece you purchase from Manakai Swimwear has a story? Each top, bottom, and one piece has a story that will take you to far away exotic lands and across vast oceans. The 100% repurposed Nylon 6 thread we use for our top of the line fabric was once LOST AT SEA.

We have recently teamed up with Adidas, Parley for the Oceans, Cheryl King of Sharkastics, Lauren Blickley of Swell Consulting, and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to rescue ghost nets, cargo nets, and other hard plastics from Maui to be transformed into repurposed thread. Together we all have common goals of reducing, reusing, and recycling. The wheels have been set into motion and we are quickly heading in the direction of a sustainable nylon 6 rescue program based right here in Hawaii.


Can you ENVISION it?

Not only is Manakai Swimwear made out of plastic that was once lost at sea, it will be traced back to plastics pulled from the Hawaiian waters and removed from the beautiful coastline. It is absolutely possible, and the prospect of creating a Maui-based rescue program makes us giddy with excitement.

We will be able to share so many fascinating stories such as this one from Monday, March 13th when Anna received a text message with a video of a homemade fishing buoy that had been picked up off the coast of Ma’alaea. It took four people to get it out of the water, and six to get it off of the boat into the back of Anna's truck. Attached to the end of the buoy was a length of cable that could very well have broken off of a bunch of cable wrapped around an entangled humpback whale spotted in the area. The cable was cut off of the whale and the fishing buoy made up of several hundred pounds of netting was removed from the ocean. This is just one of the stories behind repurposed plastics.

Can you imagine what other stories are yet to be told?

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And if you are on Maui and have found marine debris please contact us and we will make sure that it is repurposed!


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