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A Day In The Life Of Manakai Swimwear Owners

Together We CanTogether We Can

A few weeks ago I called my "PIC" and co-owner of Manakai Swimwear, Anna Lieding, to see if she could retrieve some fishing nets for an upcoming photoshoot I wanted to do. I explained that I want to create visuals for people to have a better understanding of what our fabrics are made out of.
Manakai Swimwear is a small but growing business, which means for the time being we have to find other means to sustain ourselves in order to survive on Maui.  Anna has been a captain for many years and continues to work on the water.  I personally love this because she can continue to be our eyes and ears on the local waters.  I knew if anyone could retrieve fishing nets it would be Anna. She quickly responded to my call that day and said, "Actually I spotted a massive cluster of drift nets right off the shore today and will go there immediately after work to assess the situation."  
I knew exactly what that meant.  In my head I told myself to get prepared because Anna is a lady of action.  Removing hundreds of pounds of fishing nets off the rocky shoreline was not going to be an easy task but it was going to be something we would be honored to do. Together we can make a difference!
This past Sunday we removed every single piece of the drift net from the rocky shoreline. As soon as we arrived to the nets we looked out to sea to witness two Humpback Whales breaching half a mile away.  Double breach! We cheered with excitement even though we have been watching these magical marine mammals for years and just never gets old.  
When you put your money where your mouth is and actually get out there, get a little sunburned, continue to saw through line even though your hands cramp up, your legs shake, it really does strike a chord.  A chord that resonates and continues to fuel our mission.  Knowing that these drift nets would not cause a marine entanglement meant the world to us.  Knowing that these drift nets could be repurposed and made into swimwear, well... put a huge smile on our faces.
We hope you agree and would love to see pictures of your efforts whether it be recycling your bottles, using a metal straw instead of plastic, or supporting eco-conscious companies.  We would be very happy to feature your efforts so feel free to tag us on Instagram @manakaiswimwear, Facebook, or email us direct at

Drift Nets Anna carrying heavy ghost fishing nets off the rocky shore. 


Ghost NetsGhost Nets are dangerous to all Marine Life. 


Co-Owner and Designer Kelley Chapman wearing the Neroli Wrap Top


Anna Lieding

Co-Owner Anna Lieding wearing The Rose Top

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  • Bryan Stewart: March 02, 2017

    Great job! I saw the netting and wanted to do something, you do do it all! Way to go!

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