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Women of Influence

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Owners Kelley & Anna are connecting with remarkable women around the world who are muses, mentors, teachers, and leaders.  Some may call these women brand ambassadors, but they choose to call them Women of Influence.

Each Woman of Influence holds a high level of integrity in all aspects of their life, which is why Kelley & Anna weave their essence with Manakai.They provide this page as a personal compilation of resources to help you on your path to becoming fully embodied as a woman.


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Co-Owner and Designer Kelley shares her personal journey of inspiration.

     “In the realm of fashion, objectification has become the norm. Too often I have witnessed companies using the female form in a manipulative way to sell their products. When Manakai Swimwear was birthed into existence I yearned to build a company with integrity and create a platform that demonstrates women empowerment."             

     "Wearing swimwear can be quite vulnerable for women.   After working in the swimwear industry for over six years I realized that many women, including myself at times, were not fully embodied and had a negative perception as to what true beauty is. As I was creating a business plan for Manakai Swimwear I sat for hours coming up with ideas to help women feel more empowered and alive in their bodies. This is a practice, a personal journey and a path towards true self-love."

     "I know what is working for me on my sacred feminine path towards ultimate self-love and I want to share it with any woman that is interested in changing their perception of beauty, movement, purpose, sacred sexuality and sisterhood. It is the mentors, the teachers, and the women I consider inspirational muses that have changed my life and my perception. The answer I was looking for when writing my business plan was right there living inside of me the whole time. All I needed to do was share my personal stories of self-discovery and share with you the women in my life who are helping me unleash my magic."

     "Without further ado I introduce Manakai Swimwear’s “Women of Influence” guide. Each month Anna and I will introduce a new muse to help inspire you on your path. We truly believe that our world is shifting and it will be the women who guide this planet to a more balanced, loving and inspirational world.“ 


With Love and Aloha,

Kelley Chapman


Live your YES

Sofiah Thom

Click here to learn more about Sofiah Thom's Temple Body Arts

Sofiah Thom featured as Manakai Swimwear's Woman of Influence

























Disclaimer:    Kelley & Anna are not claiming their bikinis will help you feel empowered. But building a business to serve as a platform to promote women empowerment will.