Chill the Fuck Out


Chill the Fuck Out

A necessary blend for the anxious & stressed out Goddess

.33 oz of CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade OILS

Main Benefits

Lavender in my opinion is the Queen of Oils and has endless benefits. Provides relaxing qualities, reduces anxious feelings and tension. Let us not forget to mention your skin will love it too. 

Bergamot soothes anxious and sad feelings.

Clary Sage promotes calmness and relaxation. Plus smoothing benefits for the skin. 

Frankincense has a chemical makeup known to have significant, powerful renewing properties, allowing the appearance of your skin to reduce blemishes while rejuvenating. Plus it balances and uplifts emotions

Coco Oil

STONE: Green Aventurine

Ritual + Self Care 

Carry this potent blend in your purse on the daily. After applying to your wrist, chest, temples and feet take some time to sit and breathe and remember to Chill the Fuck Out Sis.