My Divine Purpose


My Divine Purpose 

A manifesting blend for the Goddess who is ready

.33 oz of CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade OILS

Main Benefits

Hawaiian Sandalwood promotes healthy-looking, smooth skin, reduces blemishes and appearance of skin imperfections while also providing grounding and uplifting properties. 

Cinnamon Bark evokes a warm, welcoming feeling.

Frankincense has a chemical makeup known to have significant, powerful renewing properties, allowing the appearance of your skin to reduce blemishes while rejuvenating. Encourages feelings of peace, satisfaction, and overall wellness. 

Neroli is derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. The aroma of Neroli essential oil has been known to support relaxation, uplift mood, reduce feelings of anxiousness and promote overall well-being. 

Coco Oil 

STONE: Aquamarine

Ritual + Self Care

Apply to wrist, chest, third eye and feet and say I trust in my divine purpose. Speaking words of affirmations out loud and writing them down are oh so powerful.