Wild, Raw & Free


Wild, Raw & Free

A grounding & uplifting blend

33 oz of CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade OILS

Main Benefits

Hawaiian Sandalwood promotes healthy-looking, smooth skin, reduces blemishes and appearance of skin imperfections while also providing grounding and uplifting properties. 

Patchouli helps balance emotions and grounds you.  Also promotes a glowing, smooth complexion. 

Ylang Ylang is a sweet, floral essential oil that has nourishing and protective properties to benefit your skin, while uplifting the mood by reducing feelings of stress and promoting a positive outlook. 

Wild Orange, like many citrus oils are well known for cleansing and purifying properties. Additionally, Wild Orange has an uplifting and refreshing aroma. 

Bergamot soothes anxious and sad feelings.

Coco Oil 

STONE: Labradorite

Ritual + Self Care

After applying this blend to your wrist, chest, temples and feet allow yourself to feel wild, raw & free. Let your true light shine and remember you are your best teacher. Don't look to the left or the right for permission to be your true self. Do you babe.