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We connected with Sofiah Thom, who in a nut shell is a healing arts performer, yogi, and inspirational teacher focusing on helping others to "Live Your YES." 


Too often people break away from their purpose, not living their highest potential and need guidance to awaken their goddess within. Through Sofiah's "Magnetic Goddess Series Webinars" (Free Monthly Webinar) or her "Six-Week Temple Body Awakening" you can discover ways  to create a life of pure love and "break free of chains fully expressing your truth." She is constantly reminding her students: "You are Pure Love" and to not be afraid to move your body and express yourself freely. The Manakai Tribe agrees 100%. 

Perhaps you want a one on one experience with Sofiah and desire to travel to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. She is a co-owner of the Danyasa Eco-Retreat Center located at Dominical, Costa Rica. If you happen to find yourself in the area go treat yourself to a rich experience and explore the goddess you are meant to be. Manakai Swimwear is honored to be a small part of her Eco- Retreat Studio where our designs are available for sale. AHO.

Be sure to watch the video below. You will be inspired. 

 You Are Pure Love!


January 23, 2016 — kelley chapman

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