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Eco-Swimwear by Manakai


Manakai Swimwear’s Eco~Conscious Collection is made of sustainable techno-fabric created from regenerated nylon. We are working with top Italian companies Carvico and Econyl® to ensure the finest fabric in the world is used for our swimwear.

In addition to using regenerated nylon we now manufacture in the USA where workers are paid livable wages and treated with integrity. Manakai Swimwear is proud to support the local economy and ensure a very valuable skill-set is kept viable and strong in our country.  

Why Recycled Fabric?

Each year, roughly 70 million barrels of crude oil are used to produce virgin stretch fabric (Lycra, Spandex, Nylon). Why continue making virgin stretch fabric when there is a plethora of "waste" waiting to be collected and regenerated? We often wonder why other swimwear companies are not using regenerated fabrics? Scientific research has proven the fabric we source is the best option for the Planet. Not only is it the best, it is also scientifically proven to last 2X longer than any other fabric on the market! We encourage you to read the facts below.     

ECONYL® is made from 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets (once lost at sea) and other nylon waste (collected from factories). ECONYL® goes after waste containing a high percentage of Nylon 6. Econyl® creates the yarn which Carvico weaves into the softest eco swimwear fabric available offering excellent UV protection. Both Econyl® and Carvico utilize top of the line environmentally certified and accredited technology to manufacture their products. Keep in mind we are initially using the same material used in a new, non-recycled swimsuits but without the detrimental environmental effects that happen when making virgin fossil based fabric. 

Significant benefits of using Econyl® Yarns:

  • Reduces global crude oil extraction, distribution, and consumption
  • Requires approximately 2/3 less energy
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Reduces air, water, and soil contamination
  • Recovers Nylon 6 waste from all over the world

Eco-Conscious Consumer


What is the difference between Micro-Fibers & Micro Plastics?

This is a great question and something everyone should become more informed about. Too often people assume that companies that use regenerated waste materials are the culprit of creating micro-fibers and micro-plastics. It is important to be able to distinguish between the two because they are completely different. 

Micro Fibers are a very fine synthetic yarn. These fibers can come from knits, weaves, ALL synthetic apparel, upholstery, industrial filters and cleaning products. When someone washes their synthetic clothing in the washing machine small fibers can release and travel to local wastewater treatment plans and contribute to plastic pollution in water. This is why it is important to buy quality over quantity. Cheaper fabrics will break down faster. Manakai sources THE BEST fabric on the market and last 2X longer than all other fabric, which means it does not break down easily. Follow our care labels and HAND WASH ONLY. We encourage you to never put any synthetic apparel in the washing machine. 

Micro Plastics are small pieces of plastic debris in the environment resulting from the disposal and breakdown of consumer products and industrial waste. Imagine a large piece of plastic floating in the ocean. In no time it begins to break down and becomes smaller pieces of plastic. Here at Manakai we help eliminate plastics from ever entering the landfills and oceans. Econyl® has created a "Waste Rescue Program" and today 7 countries are involved in selling their Nylon6 industrial waste so it can be regenerated into a yarn. Econyl® has also teamed up with amazing companies in several places across the globe who remove discarded derelict fishing nets from oceans and beaches.

Manakai Swimwear is helping to clean up our plastic planet one bikini at a time. We encourage everyone to say no to single use plastics and never leave home without your personal water bottle, straw and utensils. This is a simple lifestyle change that would benefit us all. Always take the time to leave a place better than it was before you arrived. Here in Hawaii we say: Take 3 for the Sea!! 


Did you know Manakai Swimwear is Ethical from start to finish? 

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We hope to serve as an inspiration and driving force for our community to pursue a more eco-friendly and socially conscious lifestyle.

We are making a difference…one bikini at a time!