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Manakai's Raw Materials

  1. Imagine all the nylon waste laying around the globe. Items such as netting, fabric scraps, pre and post consumer Nylon6 products can be broken down and recycled into new beginnings. 
  2. After the nylon6 is broken down, these items are turned into a yarn and sold to fabric companies.
  3. Textile companies such as Carvico & Jersey Lomellina purchase the yarn  and create the best stretch fabric on the market.
  4. Manakai started its operations in August of 2015, becoming Hawaii’s first ever sustainable + ethical swimwear brand in the state and has ONLY sourced regenerated fabrics from Carvico & Jersey Lomellina. We guarantee our customers that we will always source the best sustainable fabrics on the market.
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Our fabrics are safe!




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Designed in Maui, USA MADE

 Manakai’s creative process and design work takes place on the island of Maui, Hawaii and then brought to life in Sunny California. Manakai’s cut and sew facility is a small family run business. We participate in person visits before deciding on the perfect team. Owner and designer Kelley Chapman works alongside the team closely since 2015. There is an open-door policy with our sew team. 



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