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Customers share their thoughts on Manakai Swimwear's tops, bottoms, one-piece and customer service experiences.   


"Love, love, LOVE this store! Not only is it an eco-conscious brand, but the owners truly care about their customers. I had the most amazing experience with the owner, Kelley. I purchased a top and bottom online and shortly after she called me to check and make sure I ordered the correct sizes. We chatted on the phone for a while and she offered to send me another top and bottom to try (as shopping for suits online can be difficult). How rad is that?! The suits are so much more vibrant and beautiful in person. I loved both tops that she sent and decided to keep both of them! I was overwhelmed by the kindness and attention to detail that I received. I highly recommend supporting this heart-centered, women-owned, conscious, small business providing an excellent product." Ali Dawn

"Absolutely love my jasmine top and cinnamon bottom. The bikini itself is very comfortable. BUT what I love even more is the personal touch Manakai Swimwear provides, unlike many online retailers out there.  I got a phone call right after I placed the order to make sure the size I ordered would be the best fit for me. If it weren't for that call, I would've ended up with a top that's too small for my bust.  This gesture alone made the purchase the best online shopping experience EVER for me. I'm sure many would appreciate this too and I would highly recommend Manakai!" - Karrmen Tshing

"The quality and customer service of Manakai bikinis are truly amazing. Not only are the swim suits stylish and sexy, but they are also stable/secure (I got the rose top and juniper bottoms) and sustainable! I had bought a different bikini the day before, and the quality of the Manakai one is noticably superior - definitely worth the price! And I feel good knowing that I am supporting an Earth-conscious company. I met Anna at the swap meet, and her customer service was incredible. She helped me to select the correct size and was very encouraging, which was necessary as these are my first cheeky bottoms. She even set up a private visit so I could look at some of the other bikinis before I left Maui (after I loved the first so much). I am eagerly anticipating the next release of styles and colors! Thank you, Anna!" - Stacey Gambrel Stevens

"Manakai is the only swimwear I own. Their passion and commitment to protecting our oceans and educating people about the harmful effects of swimwear made from non-recycled stretch fabric has literally changed my life. Now, I'm so much more aware of the waste that my choices produce, and try to do everything I can to limit my effect on the environment. I carry bamboo flatware, a metal straw, and reusable bags everywhere I go. I even check to see if the packaging of things in the grocery store is recyclable in Hawaii before I purchase them. Manakai swimwear makes me feel like a goddess who's in right relation with Gaia. Mahalo Manakai! " - Rachael Web

"I just bought my first Manakai suit today and totally love it!  Affordable prices and beautiful designs.  Their swimwear is excellent!" - Daisy Aiwohi

"Just bought the Kavakava suit today.  Couldn't wait to take it for a spin, so I went for a sunset sesh in Lahaina.  Comfortable, sexy, and stayed put in the choppy, evening waves.  So happy I found an eco-friendly, sustainable, local swimwear company." - Sharon Yoshikawa 

"Suits made from recycled plastic that also have great style get all my bathing suit summer budget from now on! I am so stoked to discover this line! Keep up the great work!" Alana Ross

"My favorite bathing suits ever! Can't wait for the new line to come out!!" Emily Joy Ramirez

"Love this brand for its well-made, eco-conscious, booty flattering, no-sand-accumulation-between-layers swimwear" Clare Zhou

"Amazing, AMAZING, amazing. So comfortable and fun. I have the Palo Santo bottoms and Champa top.... I love them. And the best part is that they're beautiful and eco-conscious ~ best way to love yourself and also love Mama Gaia and better support her by purchasing new swimwear. So much love to you Manakai for your amazing suits and for you loving Mama Earth so much. Mwuah." - Shawnee Mayzsak

"Manakai has been the only swimwear I have purchased since I purchased my first suit from them. These suits make me feel good when I am wearing them. I had a hard time feeling comfortable in a bathing suit most of my life. These suits changed that for me. From my first suit several years ago I put it on and it felt so so good. As I have evolved of the years, so have their suits. The once I recently purchased from their new Ecological collection is incredibleeeee. As I have changed from a sunbather to a wave chaser this suit has changed with me! It stays perfectly in place in the waves and holds my body in the right places. Plus these suits help the Earth and our oceans and that is something we should all consider when purchasing anything. Thank you for making these suits! For now me and my suit are hanging in Indonesia" - Crt War

"Best Swimsuit I've ever owned. I asked Kelley for exactly what I wanted in a swimsuit and she had me fitted and in the first swimsuit that has ever given me cleavage. Not only does it fit perfectly, it is extremely comfortable. If you are buying online and not sure which will fit your body or hide your body concerns email, call or message Kelley. She is an expert swimsuit designer and knows the female body. A swimsuit that is made in the USA, designed on Maui and fits mostly all body types. Add a Manakai swimsuit to your collection, soon that's the only swimsuits you will own. Well worth the investment. I feel good swimming with the fish knowing I am not leaching chemicals and harming their living environment any more." -Becki Weeks

"Manakai is what you want on your body ❤️ I love supporting a company that turns plastic waste into functional, beautiful apparel! That plastic could either be swirling around the ocean as trash or gracing your body under the sun as a swimsuit! Easy choice ;) I ordered the one piece in the lucious ruby jewel/thousand petal lotus and immediately felt like an adventure was in store. Incredibly well made, I know this suit will last me a long long time. And I agree with past reviews - this suit finds the perfect line to walk between function and fashion - love the perfect cheekiness! Mahalo Manakai!" -Alana Yurkanin

"Love my new bikini top! Anna was incredibly helpful in finding a flattering fit!" -Catherine Vargas

"I absolutely love Manakai Swimwear! The fact that these suits are eco-friendly and that they reflect an incredible vision and dream of the creator and designer Kelley is very inspiring! I love supporting this beautiful woman. These suits are unique in that you won't have any other like it in your collection! The material feels sturdy and fits very well. I wear my suits Freediving, mermaiding, surfing, at work on the boat and to the beach. I can be sexy in a functional suit" -Michelle Lynn  

"The best bikini top I have ever had, period hands down. The material is soft, form fitting, and most of all it stays on! I work on a boat, I put that bikini through it all, waves, sand, jumping in the water, sunscreen, manual labor, etc and it stays on and looks amazing. I see drift nets often, so supporting this business was an easy choice. After getting my first top and loving it so much, I had to get a second. I no longer enjoy any other top that I own, good thing they are reversible so essentially I have 4 styles! THESE ARE THE BEST!!!!!" -Sarah Anderson

"I love my Manakai suits, and love what Manakai stands for: Slow fashion and Consciousness in design/creation/production and distribution. I've never had a suit that has felt as high quality as my Manakai's!" -Jillian Anderson

"I highly recommend this brand to anyone.The material is amazing and made out of recycled fish nets.. the fact is this is for a great cause by protecting our marine life by consciously wearing this brand whenever you enter the ocean. This brand is incredible because the designer Kelley has a big heart and she is doing so much by using her creativity to impact the world on a large scale and make this sexy, comfy, beautiful unique bikinis!!!!! Ladies remember we all can make a difference by purchasing and not only wearing these sexy bikinis but to remember your purchase helps our ocean!!! Much love and light to you all!!! Kelley keep up the great work you are amazing!! 💚💙💗💜💛"  -Robz La Rocco

"The reversible fabric is perfect! It's double layered, so you can't see through anything, and the print stays hidden when worn on the solid color side. Shipping was super fast from Hawaii to the east coast, and Kelley was really helpful! It's great to be able to support somebody who's so passionate about making an impact and who's doing everything for the good of our earth and the creatures on it (including her employees)!" -Colleen Michelle
"Loving Manakai's sustainable bikinis for the playful, elegant goddess 😍 The suits hug the body so well, allowing me to feel comfortable and sensual at the same time " -Jenny Fialho

"Absolutely wonderful recycled plastic bathing suits for all body shapes." Nicole Wyatt
"I absolutely love my manakai bikini! I love that they are reversible and the beautiful lotus design on one side, and the gorgeous color on the other side! It's simple, it's sexy! And it's prefect." -Milena Pereira
"I worked with Anna in finding the perfect swimsuit. She was absolutely wonderful! She is so darling, helpful, and is so honest with what is the right fit. Absolutely in love and will be ordering in the future." -Kyra Shea Grad
"I bought a couple suits at a pop up tonight and can't explain how amazingly comfortable they are. Really love the colors and design." -Danielle Marie Golesh
"I just received the Jasmine top and Palo santo tie side bottoms in reversible amethyst/ sacred ceremony. I am in complete love with this gorgeous bikini. I originally ordered it for the gorgeous violet color, but now that I see the sacred ceremony print in person I don't know which I love more! The tassels on the bikini add an extra special touch and give the bikini movement as you walk or swim in the water. The bottoms offer the perfect amount of sexy cheek to show off all your curves. To finish the material if manakai bikinis is top notch comparable to other high end bikini brands. Long story short the bikini is amazing beyond words and I need to get my hands on another one. Maybe a one piece next time" -Phyllicia Victoria
"I recently ordered 3 bikinis from Manakai Swimwear and I LOVE them. As someone who has made my own bikinis in the past, I know how challenging it is to make bikinis that fit well and last. Not only is the material comfortable and durable, it is made from recycled materials that would otherwise be polluting our oceans. I highly recommend getting your hands on one....or a few of their suits!" -Marina Mattson
"Just got a suit from them the other day! Love the fit and designs, definitely recommend!" -Sarah Transue
"Amazing bikinis- everything I want in a bikini!!! Went to a pop-up sale today and told all of my housemates about it. One of them loved the bikinis I bought so much that she told me "I'll give you my credit card, buy me all of that and some". I wore one of the bikinis I got all day and LOVED it... It stays put in the waves, looks amazing and is so comfortable!! Everything I want in a bikini... And it's ETHICAL!! WHAT??!! Thank you, Kelley!!" -Kay Robb
"The suit feels amazing and is perfect for surfing and playing with the waves. To me is powerful knowing that my bikinis are made from a 100% recycled material, to know that the owners care for the ocean, for the environment, and for the hands that are putting this bikinis together. Manakai is a part of the solution!"  -Marina Daian
"So in love with my Manakai suits. The very best bikinis for ocean fun, I am especially amazed how well they stay on for surfing! They have the perfect selection of suits for feeling sexy in your body and inspiring adventure at the same time. Beyond making great products, it is so impressive how hardworking and dedicated to our earth these ladies are by insisting on using 100% recycled materials in their new line. I am proud to support such an all around great company and product!"  -Malia Lauer
"I am so impressed with the quality of the swimwear and with the values of the company. It is so rare to find a business that is so conscious and hands on in every step of the production process. These bikinis are so durable and flattering- they will last through many swim seasons so they are truly worth the investment. Kelley is a joy and her passion for ethical clothing production is so inspiring!"  -Rachel Stein

"I can basically sum it up by saying this; I walked in wanting one bikini, and walked out with three full suits.. I just couldn't decide I loved them all!  The new material Manakai Swimwear went with is very sturdy and secure feeling, and hugs ya in all the right ways. Also digging the new colors. When you walk in with one color in mind and walk out with two colors you would have never pictured yourself loving so much.. you know you have a quality product!  On top of the fit, colors, and feel.. owner Kelley is always awesome to chat with, and gives a kind, honest opinion.. you walk out feeling great and re-charged.  Thank you ladies for the hard work in getting us some of the nicest reversible suits around! Buy local, support your community, and take care of our earth with recycled products! Shop Manakai!"  -Kim Spack
"Feminine, versatile, chić ... & most importantly recycled... I asked owner Kelley Chapman for specifically active ocean wear & she delivered. I chose to go with a "pink" top & "green" bottoms in the lotus print to give me more reversible options & I couldn't be more psyched... it's been great in the recent swell at Honolua Bay! Mahalo Manakai for your eco conscious efforts towards our environment & for empowering our female magnificence!"  -Ashley Davis
"Manakai makes awesome suits-super cute and perfect for surfing in! I love that they use recycled drift nets to make their products, all the more reason to love them!"  -Rebecca Parsons
"Amazing swimsuits made from old and harmful ghost nets and Nylon 6. I am very pleased with the fit and style of the one I bought! Thank you!"  -Jessica Grantier 
"I love love love my Manakai one-piece bathing suit! It looks and feels so good--it feels like quality. It is a true reversible swimsuit--like having two suits in one. But most of all what I love about Manakai, even more than their high quality swimwear are the philosophy and ethical practices of this company. They use material made from recycled ocean plastic and they know the manufacturers personally. In this time when environmental regulations are being gutted it is so inspiring and comforting to know that there are companies out there that actually made a positive impact on the environment.  ♡♡♡"  -Gena Sansone
"Every time I put on my Manakai Swimwear I don't just feel like a beautiful fairy goddess because of how perfectly the suit looks and feels, I feel good because I know how much aloha and work is put into these lovely sustainable pieces. Each piece is made out of repurposed plastic.  These girls are aware of our impact on the earth and keeping it beautiful. And when the earth is beautiful the people in it are too! I will support Manakai any day. Love you girls" ♡♡ -Maria Sadusky
"I am a photographer in Washington state that recently collaborated with the owner of Manakai Swimwear for a project and it went so well. Kelley has an amazing bikini company with an excellent quality line of goods. I highly recommend her eco conscious bikinis to anyone and encourage everyone to give Manakai a try!"  -Cassandra and Ken Wood
"This exotic swimwear line has quickly become one of my favorites! Not only are the styles sexy, the fit is amazing, and the fabric is extremely comfortable! The reversible bottoms are perfection!"  –Kate Cooksey
"Love these ethical suits, the material is amazing and fits nicely. I love that the price is affordable to purchase a more luxurious bikini!"  -Melissa Black
"Super quick mailing, excellent online store, exceptional customer service, but most importantly, a beautiful swimsuit!! Thank you."  -Crista Moon
"Feelin' sexy and confident for an extremely important cause.  A Maui swimwear company that uses repurposed plastics, wow.  These suits also stay tight to your body for all sorts of adventures! Saving the ocean one reversible swimsuit at a time! Manakai is my absolute favorite!"  -Morgan Haley
"My order came super quick in a cute little Manakai bag with a handwritten note and a complimentary coconut oil, so cute!!! The exotic bikinis are high quality, absolutely adorable, and the reversible prints make these suits ideal for travel. I especially recommend the high waisted bottoms, they fit amazing and are super cheeky."  -Traci Hauptman
"Just bought a tassel reversible bikini top from ladies and I don't want to ever take it off. Super comfortable well made and sexy."  -Sara Shults
"LOVE LOVE LOVE my new sustainable bikini! I cannot wait to sport this trendy leopard print or sexy black (they're all reversible!!!) suit on the beach this season! Fits perfect and arrived so quickly! All my friends will be jealous."  –Drew Rape
"I ordered an eco conscious swimsuit online through the website and experienced an amazing level of customer service and care. The owner called me to inform me that they were out of the particular item I ordered, but she would honor the price for a different style. She was prompt, kind, and went above and beyond to connect with me to ensure I was satisfied with my purchase!  I received my suit in the mail with a hand-written note!  Not to mention the suit fits super well, is beautifully made, the fabric is shiny and the cut is smokin. Can't wait to wear it.  Thank you Manakai - more than glad to support local when local is this stellar :)  Aloha!"  -Nicki Silverman
"Very impressed by the staying power of the low-slung back strap Rose bikini top, even when facing Maui's rough shorebreak. Haven't gone surfing yet, but I expect it to be equally resilient. I like the fact that it is reversible. Looking to try the bottoms next, in hopes that they also stay in place!"  -Jen Cox
"Aloha...this is an amazing company run by two fabulous women. They are concerned with the environment, the kind of materials they use, and classic styling. The colors are rich too. I'm 63 and I own one..they are for everyone who loves bikinis ♡♡♡ check them out on line or on maui."  –Susan Rose Durham
"Beautifully made exotic swimwear, makes you feel like a Hawaiian goddess!"  -Tenya Maui


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