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MANA : spirit, influence, power         KAI : ocean

Manakai Swimwear 

 "I manifested an exotic high-fashion, low-impact brand to change the norm of the swimwear industry.

My goal is to honor the ocean, create unique designs, and empower women to embrace their beauty." 



Owner Kelley Chapman


  Kelley Chapman built MANAKAI with integrity being the foundation. Her passion for the marine environment, sustainable & ethical business practices and supporting women who empower other women are her main focuses when manifesting the lifestyle of her brand.

Kelley has been involved in the swimwear industry for many years. She stepped outside of the mainstream or normalized business practices and is creating a new paradigm in the fashion realm.  Kelley has never been afraid to step outside her comfort zone and create her own path. Simply put she is wild at heart, full of passion, and determined.






Manakai Swimwear is more than a swimwear brand. It is a lifestyle created by the spirit of the ocean. As women, our bodies are our temples so we must adorn and nourish them. We believe our collection is young at heart and timeless in sophistication.