These two power-women, entrepreneurs launched an eco-friendly swimwear company on Maui in 2015, with a vision "to lead the high-end swimwear industry into a more sustainable practice using top-of-the-line recycled materials, help empower women to feel good in their skin and bring awareness to ocean conservation." Their superhero mission may appear Marvel-like, but their actions attest to their "green-tegrity." —Louise Rockett

Owners Kelley and Anna are grateful for the community support, this one coming to you from the Maui's Lahaina.  "Why continue making virgin stretch fabric when there is a plethora of waste waiting to be collected and repurposed?"  Read more about Manakai Swimwear's efforts to operate sustainably while creating timeless fashion swimwear.


Manakai Swimwear Featured in Lahaina News

April 10, 2017 — Anna Lieding

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