“Manakai Swimwear is employing several small family-run businesses with whom we have spent several months working side by side,” Lieding said. “The hands that bring our swimwear to life are happy, paid livable wages, receive proper vacation time, and, from first-hand experience, we can assure you are working in a pleasant and safe environment that passes all USA laws and codes.”

-Maui Times



Based on the small and isolated island of Maui, Kelley and Anna are incredibly aware of how important it is to work in an environment that allows you to feel safe and happy.  The companies that treat you like family are the ones that you will be proud to support forever and ever...  Find out more and preview some of Manakai Swimwear's new Eco~Conscious pieces.



Manakai Swimwear Featured in Maui Times

January 20, 2017 — Anna Lieding

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