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"The Ethical Swimsuit Brands You Should Be Buying" ~UrthAve

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We all know there are many swimsuit brands to choose from...

But as UrthAve pointedly states: "you might want to consider where the swimsuit is coming from and how it is being made. Since the fashion industry is one of the most environmentally damaging and waste producing industries in the world, every little fashion purchase counts.

Sofiah Thom Manakai Swimwear Yoga Model Bikini Swimsuit Ethical

UrthAve's Blog "The Ethical Swimsuit Brands You Should Be Buying" lists 5 top companies with a wide variety of styles to choose from.  Manakai Swimwear's timeless and reversible bikinis made with top of the line Econyl fibers ensure that your investment in quality is one that will surely last.  Owner's Kelley and Anna are not interested in selling cheap bikinis that will last you one season, or one festival, or one boat trip, they are fully invested in providing every woman with top of the line swimwear that lasts.  


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