Manakai featured in Vogue UK magazine

Vogue UK Celebrates Manakai’s Green Soul

If you’ve been with us for a while, we know you value the planet, long-lasting quality, comfortable functionality, and female beauty in all its forms—just like we do. Thankfully, the world is beginning to take notice of sustainable fashion and cealebrate along with us. That’s why Manakai is thrilled to be making waves in the recent issue of Vogue UK magazine as a leader in eco-conscious design! 

Read about how our company’s creator, Kelley Chapman, is setting a new standard for the swimwear industry—and become part of the story yourself when you shop the celebrated She Shines Collection.

"Maui, Hawaii based designer Kelley Chapman creates her unique, luxurious swimwear line with sustainable fabrics while aligning with ethical supply chains and facilities. The She Shines collection features the first of its kind, Eco-Ribbed Fabric—a glossy and shimmering sustainable fabric that boasts a green soul, combining elegance and femininity. Since launching five years ago, Manakai swim has pioneered the use of these fabrics in the US and has inspired other local brands to focus on an ethical business model."


Manakai creator, Kelley Chapman, wearing the Kava Kava one piece.Created With the Earth + You in Mind

Kelley Chapman, above, is wearing a piece from the She Shines Collection in Achintya Rose soft eco-ribbed fabric—fabric so comfortable, you can be wear it everyday. 

Like all of Manakai's pieces, the She Shines collection is thoughtfully created in the USA with the earth and you in mind. 

How will YOU wear your Manakai?


November 04, 2020 — kelley chapman

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