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Leading a sustainable lifestyle that puts the health of our planet in the number one spot seems like it should be easy, but with societal norms being centered around cheap, convenient, and accessible, the struggle is real. Sometimes a little inspiration from amazing eco-warrioresses around the world is needed to help start a new eco-habit or to reinforce the fact that even the smallest changes can make a lasting impact. These women share ethical fashion tips, sustainable living advice, and some of their favorite healthy and organic recipes.

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Eco Warrior Princess

 Ethical Sustainable Blogger Jennifer Nini Eco Warrior Princess : manakai swimwear top picks

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Australian based Eco Warrior Princess was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini. With topics ranging from sustainable fashion to conscious business, to feminism, and to technology, Jennifer’s blog has a little something for everyone. Her primary focus is to bring you media that matters without any sugar coating or BS. Many of the featured articles on the Eco Warrior Princess site include videos such as Earth is Choking on Plastic: How the Heck Did We End Up Here, and The Story of Ocean Pollution: Most Plastic in Our Oceans Can Be Traced Back to Just 10 Rivers. This is one of our favorite resources for up to date news as Jennifer has cultivated a baller team of writers from around the world.



Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic : Manakai Swimwear Top Picks Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers

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Sustainably Chic was started by Jacksonville, Florida native Natalie. Focusing on sustainable fashion, you will find her blogs on specific ethical brands as well as her monthly lookbooks very informative. One of our favorite pieces she does is her Conscious Lists, where Natalie has done much of the research for you and you can find lists such as the Top 10 Sustainable Shoe Brands to Last You Season after Season, and 5 Eco-Friendly Bedding Brands you Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Bed Sheets. Give Natalie a follow and make sure to send love as she is soon to become a new mama!



Fashion Me Green

Fashion Me Green Ethical Blog : Manakai Swimwear Top Picks Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers

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Greta Eagan’s blog is all about ethical and sustainable fashion. She creates beautiful “Shop this Look” style posts with links to where you can find the pieces Greta is wearing in her photoshoots. Check out her Blog for gorgeous styled shoots from all over the world, and find out how Greta styles her look with products from companies that we can all support. And with several companies out there trying to greenwash us with clever marketing campaigns, read through the FMG Code for definitions of several commonly used ethical and sustainable fashion terms.



Sustainable Daisy 

Sustainable Daisy Ethical Blog : Manakai Swimwear Top Picks Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers  Image courtesy @sustainabledaisy

Karen’s blog Sustainable Daisy spans a wide range of topics to help us live more sustainably. With a background in environmental science, Karen often shares some of the facts that are incredibly shocking, but in our eyes very necessary to know. Her blog post Quitting the Plastic Straw: 5 Ways to Stop Sucking tells us that over 500 million plastic straws are used in the USA every year. This single plastic item, that is sometimes never even used, but is ingrained in our lifestyle to be put into every single cold beverage, can take over 1000 years to decompose. Another fact shared in Karen’s blog Reusable Cups: Starting a Sustainable Habit is that less than 2% of Starbucks visitors bring their own cup.



Old World New

Old World New Ethical Blog : Manakai Swimwear Top Picks Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers

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Addy Fisher, the creator of Old World New, has created a blog that is based on her passion for architecture and sustainability. Addy blogs about products, fashion, travel, DIY, and how to make small sustainable changes around your house. In her blog How to Create A Paperless Kitchen, Addy lays it out in a way that we believe will almost certainly guarantee success, such as having different designs or colors to delineate tasks for your cloth towels. She also shares facts such as “If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber paper towels (70 sheets) with 100 percent recycled ones, we could save 544,000 trees” in case you have to use paper towels but still want to know that you are making an impact with recycled ones. And for all the mothers she has also created a blog called Tiny Green Earthling.



Green With Style 

Green With Style Ethical Blog : Manakai Swimwear Top Picks Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers

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Hawaii native Kasha has created her blog because in her words climate change is one of the most serious changes in our lifetimes due to the fact that we have become too accustomed to a lifestyle that is extremely, wasteful, harmful to the planet, hazardous to our health, and simply not sustainable. She provides a resource for those that want to live a greener lifestyle without feeling like you have to make too many sacrifices. Kasha shares great tips such as pairing thrift store finds with ethically produced accessories in her blog How to Make Secondhand Clothing Look Expensive and fun alteration projects to your wardrobe pieces to keep them trendy in The Sustainable Way You Can Get the Latest Pants Trend.



 Trash Is For Tossers

Trash is for Tossers Ethical Blog : Manakai Swimwear Top Picks Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers

Image courtesy @trashisfortossers

Lauren draws inspiration from ethical blogger Bea of Zero Waste Home, the next one on the list. Both of these women shared their journey to live a lifestyle producing as little waste as possible and storing that waste in a mason jar. Lauren is not only a blogger, but has also created her own laundry detergent, The Simply Co., and opened a zero waste store The Package Free Shop. She also shares tips on how you can shop a little more sustainably and responsibly in her Shopping section.



Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home Ethical Blog : Manakai Swimwear Top Picks Sustainable Lifestyle Bloggers

Image courtesy @zerowastehome

French native, Bea Johnson started Zero Waste Home in 2008 in an effort to create a lifestyle that focuses more upon experiences than on stuff. She travels around the world and shares her story as well as consults on how we can all live a lifestyle where our waste can fit into the size of a small quart-size mason jar. This Video is a wonderful introduction on how and why her family started this zero waste lifestyle. Bea has written a top-selling book Zero Waste Home; The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste and has a very well curated Store to find many zero waste products to help you in your quest to lead a sustainable lifestyle.



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May 30, 2018 — Anna Lieding

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