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"7 Sustainable Swimwear Companies For Women" ~Rebecca Parsons

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Manakai Swimwear is on the Top of the Sustainable Swimwear List

Bikini-obsessed author Rebecca Parsons shares her top "7 Sustainable Swimwear Companies For Women"

7 Sustainable Swimwear Companies for Women

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As we have always stated, Manakai Swimwear strives to be an inspiration to others around the world.  Being the first and only ethical and USA made swimwear brand on Maui is a big deal.  Although no one can ever take away that first spot, we want more companies to move toward operating with environmental sustainability and ethical production standards whether in the USA or elsewhere.

Other swimwear companies that made the list and are paving the way:

Akua Oceanwear

Vitamin A Swimwear

Odina Surf

all Sisters 

Cheeky Carlyle Swim

Faherty Brand



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