"Sustainable is the New Sexy"

~Jill Wirt of Conservation Inspiration

The inspirational eco-warrior Jill shares with us her love for travel and environmental conservation through educational and entertaining blogging. In a recent blog she gives insight into her decision to purchase her first sustainable and ethically produced Manakai bikini.

Jill Wirt in Rose Top and Cinnamon Bottom Ethical and Reversilbe Ruby Jewel Color

Ethical Reversible Bikini Rose Top Cinnamon Bottom Ruby Jewel Maui Swimwear

Photographer: Cody Lang Model: Jill Wirt in Rose Top and Cinnamon Bottom

Originally from a small suburb nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills, her pursuit of a degree in Environmental Science from San Diego State University ultimately led her to our beautiful island of Maui. While interning on the island Jill was able to connect with other like-minded eco-warriors who motivated and encouraged her to return. Throughout her studies and work experience she has found that in order to really make an impact in the sustainable and ethical realm, education is the key.
Although Maui has definitely stolen her heart, Jill has set her sights on a Master’s Degree in conservation management/education. She plans on returning to the island and starting her own conservation consulting firm with the intent of working within the tourism industry to better educate how to minimize impacts on coastal and marine ecosystems. With an economy so heavily reliant on the tourism industry we absolutely need more individuals like Jill with the passion and drive to instill change. She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk, and we say “More power to you!”
Check out Jill’s website for resources covering sustainable products that help eliminate single-use plastics from entering our oceans. If you want to read more about her adventures around the world, Jill blogs about her experiences and her local conservation conversations.
On her travels Jill has found that the connection to nature is universal, and this connection is one that we must nurture and protect.

September 12, 2017 — Anna Lieding

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