Beauty is a bird song harmonized with fluttering palm fronds. It is the sheen of sunlight cast upon a peeling wave on a windless day. Beauty is a flickering golden flame in contemplative eyes, framed by feral silvery hair. It is the wisps that forewarn of an approaching squall and the ravaging, spiraling whirlwind of a tornado.

Beauty Way Beauty is nature’s purest expression. It’s wild and raw, striking and unpredictable; it’s the electricity that runs up your spine when truth is realized. Beauty is captivating. Because when we encounter truth, we experience a knowing that resonates in the deepest cords of our coding.

TruthFauna and flora and females— we are all imbued with the potential of beauty’s prowess. And when we fearlessly live in alignment with our authentic nature, we invoke that power. It is the power that feeds our soul. It is the power that inspires our Ohana. It is the power that, when harnessed gracefully, fulfills our purpose and harmonizes the earth.

ohana Fauna and flora don’t think about their expression. They exist. And, in authentically existing, they fill an essential niche that nature depends on. So, why should females exist any differently? Embracing our authentic nature promotes diversity in the collective ecosystem. And, diversity is key to harmony, to health, to sustainability.


 So by accepting, embracing and honoring our beauty— that beauty that makes you uniquely you— we contribute to a more sustainable existence. Each and every expression of beauty is not only worthy, it is imperative.


We beckon your beauty. We invite you to be you. We invite you to shine, to solidify your essence, to be one of a kind. We honor your beauty, as it is a staple of a sustainable existence. And we welcome the way you elicit electricity up one’s spine— inspiring awe and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

May 01, 2021 — Amelia Marjory


Tawnya Calvillo said:

Beauty is this post, these stunning photos and your spirit as a business owner. thank you for sharing

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