We are dynamic beings. We flow with the moon’s magnetic swells and surge with the sun’s pulsing flares. We are refined elemental creations. We are the phases and the seasons and the transitions in between. 

May we embody this elemental beauty, and adorn ourselves befittingly! 

As we evolve with the sun and stars and seas, Manakai matches our dynamism with a divine trinity of sustainable swimwear. Each tier is an invitation to explore, to imbibe, to play with auspicious adornment. Intentionally created for the feminine form in her most natural embodiment, Manakai has distilled the fabric of elemental existence into a functional archive of activated attire.

Honor your elemental incarnation by choosing what suites your soul…

She’s Solid is an essential ingredient in every woman’s water-oriented wardrobe. Made for flawless performance during any activity, She’s Solid is supportive, durable, reliable, and reversible. Made from a heavier-weight premium recycled material that stretches less, but gives more, each piece offers two suites in one. The most affordable line in the collection, She’s Solid is where simplicity meets versatility. Choose your cut, choose your color, choose your expression. Confidently engage with the world— you are solid. 

She Shines is a wearable manifestation of the light emanating from deep within the feminine form. Soft, sensuous, and seamless, the featured eco-luxury fabric is form-illuminating in nature and the first supreme-comfort sustainable material of its caliber. The golden mean of Manakai’s collection, each design within this tier is defined by a lush feel, glimmering sheen, and ribbed texture. An ambrosial attire that honors your unique glow, She Shines is Manakai’s most opulent selection of swimsuits. 

She’s One Of A Kind is a spirited swimsuit selection showcasing the multidimensional allure of conscious collaboration. Expand into your ethereal potential. Discover the wild edges of your earthly form. Divulge your stardust. This revolutionary line draws you into a new existence— one of unbridled expression. Featuring the same sustainably recycled material and seamless reversible design, the revered art print of Cosmic Collage is infused on one side and a complementary galaxy exists on the other. The celestial tier of Manakai’s collection, She’s One Of A Kind outfits the majestic reveal of your universal journey. 

Emulating nature’s exquisite artistry with functional fashion, Manakai Swimwear summons a deep breath into the pure nature of your dynamic self.

Discover the full spectrum of wearable elemental expressions.


June 01, 2021 — Amelia Marjory

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