Cosmic Manakai

As gatekeepers to a world existing beyond our frame of mind, artists’ role in society is invaluable. They are our visionaries, our luminaries, our creators. They are shooting stars in the seemingly static sky— daring to be different and captivating our attention in the act.

Allured by the magnetic nature of the muse, artists venture into the vast expanses of potential and return with a gift for the collective. These gifts are gateways into new worlds, new perceptions, new lenses to view the spectacle of life from. Imbued with a unique signature, each creation of art is one of a kind, an expression of existence from an inspired vantage. 

When art catches our attention, something happens. A glimmer of curiosity grows into an activating spark. And that activating spark awakens us— ignites our inner stardust. We are drawn into the artist's universe, where we merge with a channeled stream of consciousness.

As we continue to evolve as a conscious collective, it’s time to revolutionize art in our value system. Instead of perpetuating the “starving artist” mentality, it’s time to feed our artists, to fuel their fire, to honor their genius. For, they are our humble way-showers, illuminating life within a new moon night. 

To initiate a more integral system, one where art is respected as a vital contribution to society, Manakai is revealing an enlivened collection— She’s One of a Kind.

She’s One of a Kind is the creation of a spirited call to action. Inspired by the supernatural power of art, Manakai and Cosmic Collage have converged on the canvas of sustainable clothe. Showcasing the ethereal majesty of nature’s form, the art print of Cosmic Collage serendipitously brings Manakai suites to life with a multidimensional force. 

Beyond the form of a bikini, She’s One of a Kind is a collection of intentional art for activated embodiment. In celebration of this co-creation, Manakai is up-leveling the industry standard for artist’ compensation. As this paradigm shifts, everyone is elevated: the artist, the patron, the earth and the muse itself.

Cosmic Manakai


June 01, 2021 — Amelia Marjory

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