"Hawaii-based Manakai makes its sexy, clean-lined swimsuits out of a 100% regenerated nylon called ECONYL, saving energy, water, and oil consumption and giving new life to old nylon."

~Lovely x Two

"I know, I get it–finding a swimsuit that fits, flatters and doesn’t fall off if you actually swim is challenging enough, so trying to choose one that’s eco-friendly or ethically made sounds like way too tall an order. But guess what?  It’s actually easy to find swimwear made of recycled materials and under ethical conditions. Check out these brands that will have you looking hot by the water, and sit well with your hippie sensibilities."

Manakai Swimwear Eco Conscious Consumer FAQs


Manakai Swimwear makes the list along with established brands Vitamin A, Patagonia, and Koru Swimwear.  We are forever grateful to be inspired and serve as inspiration to other fashion companies worldwide.




January 14, 2018 — Anna Lieding

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