Manakai Swimwear finds international acclaim in the Netherland-based Passion Reporter online blog 

~Mila Cornelia

"In 2040 we should all be wearing more sustainable clothing and support slow-fashion brands. The fashion industry delivers a lot of wastage and climate pollution. In order to keep our planet clean we should just never ditch our garbage on the streets or in the sea. A brand like Manaki Swimwear definitely deserves a shout-out for being one of the most sustainable and nature friendly companies. Another great thing about the swimwear is that it’s timeless and very fashionable. Let’s get swimming ladies!"

Underwater image of Manakai Swimwear Model in Kavakava One-piece

We hope it does not take until 2040 for the entire fashion industry to move toward sustainable clothing and supporting slow-fashion.  As a brand Manakai Swimwear is setting forth to lead by example and serve as an inspiration to other fashion companies around the world.  




January 10, 2018 — Anna Lieding

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