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As the sun rises atop a ridge line or surfaces over the salty horizon, it brings with it the dawning of a new day, a new moment, a new reality. Soft shades of peaches and oranges color the canvas of life. And, in the warm fluorescence of morning’s golden glow, we’re invited to breathe in the creative potential of blossoming light.  

In honor of the way light affects us and paints the reality of our world, Manakai is releasing a limited small batch collection of sustainable suits. Made from dead stock fabric leftover from our She’s Solid Collection, we’re putting every inch of this precious resource to inspired use. Slip into a new mood. Choose the shades that suit your soul. Creatively color your reality. 

Neon Orange & Peach


Orange, mango, saffron, turmeric, pollen, and peach— colors that correspond to our sacral chakra, the sacred space where seeds of inspiration awaken. Like genetic codes are conserved in the ancient embrace of amber, ready to be rediscovered, so is our creative purpose cocooned in these colors, radiant and ready to be realized. 




Orange + Peach



Lavender & Pink

Lavender is subtle and serene. The herb is renowned for its relaxing, healing qualities and the color is no different. Lavender calms and clarifies, clearing the air and bestowing peace of mind. In this sanctified state, we may align with our innate knowing and attune our clairsentience, our ability to sense with clarity. Paired with the passionate hue of pink, this color combination invites an intuitive alignment with life, with nature, with the subtleties that inspire a tranquil sense of awe. 



Lavender & Pink



Lime & Light Blue

The elemental spectacle of light blues and greens is woven into the fabric of this earth. It’s seen in the sea. It’s present in plants. It dances upon the stage of sable northern skies. Light blue softly stimulates the conductivity of water existing within all sentient beings. It awakens a feeling of connection, of cohesion, of liquid elation. Lime evokes a sense of freshness, flora, euphoria. Lime is the electric current of familiarity that runs through our collective cellular composition. Together, lime and light blue remind us of what’s timeless and true.  



Maui Swimwear  


December 15, 2021 — Amelia Marjory

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