As we continue to refine our lifestyles to align with nature’s intelligence, each moment becomes an opportunity to promote sustainability. Moments are brimming with information, with inert potential. And the choices we make activate potential into manifestation. This is where life gets fun. What do we want to manifest? What do we want to see more of in the world? What energies or qualities or realities are deserving of our precious time and resources?  


Investing in a Manakai Swimsuit is a legendary first step on the path of sustainability. Though your journey to get to this point should also be honored: every whisper of the wind that you heeded, every time you listened to the call of the ocean, each mindful step upon a sandy shore, and each leap of faith into an abyss unknown. 

Leap of faith

By honoring your internal compass, you’ve navigated your way into right relations with the environment. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than honoring the very source of the fabric we’re comprised of. 


Taking care of the delicate fabric of our earth is no different than taking care of our possessions. The more we care for our items, the longer they last. And the longer an item lasts, the less we need to consume. Less consumption equals less waste, and less waste equates to more energy and resources freed up for our true priorities, our passions, our creative potential. 


The manifestation of many, many sustainability-minded choices, Manakai bikinis are crafted to replicate nature’s structural integrity. However, like everything in nature, they too have a life cycle. The fun part is that you can make educated, empowered choices to maintain their structural integrity and extend their life. 

Hand Wash Only 

Sun, salt, chlorine, oils from lotion and sunscreen— the elements that bikinis are most exposed to are also the ones that break down elastane, the composite of Manakai swimsuits. So, minimizing exposure and unnecessary saturation of your bikini is a simple way of ensuring its longevity. 


We recommend gently hand-washing your bikini. Dish soap is ideal because it’s a cleansing degreaser (to remove oils), whereas laundry detergent contains harsh chemicals that dissolve fabrics over time. That said, it’s best to avoid conventional washing machines. Machine washing not only breaks down synthetic material, the resulting micro plastics leach through filters into water tables and, eventually, the ocean. Plus, the high heat of a dryer destroys the elastane too. 


So, rather than compromise your swimsuit for the sake of convenience, take the sustainable route and treat it with respect. In turn, it will offer you an extended life and more connected experience. 


Here’s our refined recipe for proper swimsuit care:


  1. slide suit off body 
  2. rinse under cold running water for 1-2 minutes
  3. soak in a bowl with liquid dish soap for 15-20 minutes 
  4. thoroughly rinse with cold water 
  5. gently wring out excess water
  6. lay flat on a towel to dry 



Mahalo for following your internal compass and paving a sustainable path of prosperity with us!  Intentionally suited, may you embody your brightest potential.




February 07, 2022 — Amelia Marjory

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