The dynamic of fire and water orchestrates our earthen existence. Our days are defined by the angle of the sun. Surges of solar flares heat up our atmosphere and supercharge our cells. Wind is spun by resulting thermal convection, which then generates the very waves that lap up onto our timeworn shores. 

And there, on the cusp of those hourglass shorelines, is where we merge. We are the berths of earthen bone with the capacity to embody the sun and the sea: the crux of fire and water. We are the intersection of intuition and action, the waypoint where patient desires awaken, where passion springs forth from the depths of dormant undercurrents. We are women, connected by the coherent ebb and flow of earth’s rhythmic cycles. 

In celebration of the undeniable dynamism of our feminine form, the She’s Solid Collection is launching two new color schemes that contour to the curves and flares of your true nature. 

Indigo hues hint at the subtle majesty of our aquatic composition. The alluring, luscious shades of blue endow serenity upon the senses— a peace of mind that cascades into a soft, soulful sway. For, seeded in the womb of each water molecule is an expression of our own crystalline nature. From free-falling raindrops to the ocean’s layered depths, shades of indigo emanate a tone of truth, clarity, and fluid beauty. 

Red hues radiate the pure vibrations of our passions. Born of a curious spark and fueled by inspiration, our passions are the magnetizing pull of creation. Like lava creates the leading edges of land, red represents the mature manifestation of our purpose. Hibiscus flowers in full bloom, sizzling embers beneath a crescent moon, blush streaks in a sunset sky— all mesmerizing reminders of our own inner flame. 

Indigo and Red hues are featured in our She’s Solid Collection to amplify the expression of your exquisite true nature. Made with your rhythmic evolution in mind, they’re comfortable, durable, reversible, and crafted-to-contour. So, you may sway and play and pursue your passions in a harmonious way.



May 07, 2022 — Amelia Marjory

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