At the apex of spring, when warm light and wildflowers imbue our landscape with renewed energy, Earth Day is planted on our calendars as a reminder to connect. This time of year is brimming with opportunity. Expressions of nature’s vitality flutter in the fresh air, beckoning our attention and inviting us to bear witness to the spectacle of our planet. 


By focusing our awareness on the natural world around us, we’re investing our most precious resource, our pure energy, into the very fabric of life itself. For, the elemental composition of our planet is the basis from which all life blossoms— including us. 


So, since the theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet,” we invite you to invest via your presence. Take a moment to connect, to bear witness, to acknowledge the elemental forces that are pulsing with life around and within you.  

Here are four spring-inspired rituals to connect with the elements of our planet. 


Fire Element

Take a step outside. Wherever you are on the planet, the sun is extending its rays in your direction. Like a solar panel, rotate your body to receive. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to your exposed skin, to your cells, to the subtle increase in vibration that reverberates through your being with each soft kiss from the sun. Feel your inner fire ignite from the electric charge of solar power.  



Earth Element

Find a flower. Any flower. A meadow wildflower, a concrete encrusted dandelion, a grocery store rose— all flowers are a unique expression of beauty. Hold that flower within your fingers as delicately as your grasp will allow. Or, if you choose to leave it rooted, bow your head towards its blossom. Close your eyes. And breathe. Inhale the fragrance, the aromatic molecules, the scent of ambrosial nectar perfectly designed to draw in an admirer. And admire. 




Go outside. Or open a window. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on the air around you; decipher its course of direction. Even if it’s faint, tune in to its motion, its movement, its traverse. And listen. Where did this breeze come from and what has its journey been? What information has it absorbed along the way? Does it carry a message? And, if so… what wisdom is this wind awakening from within? 




Ocean, river, rain, stream, shower, cup of spring water— the intention is to taste the cellular intelligence contained in liquid crystalline form. Choose your medicine, salty or sweet, each has a blueprint to bestow. And one drop will do. Open your mouth, place an orb upon your tongue, and allow the element that connects us all to hydrate your being with the true nature of coherence. 



Acknowledging the elements, the planet, and the precious resources at play is a direct-connect practice. The more we connect, the stronger the strands of a sustainable existence become. Your energy, your resources are precious. As is this planet. Let’s honor the fabrics that comprise it all by connecting at the source and further the celebration by supporting sustainable fashion.


April 07, 2022 — Amelia Marjory

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