Just in from Turkey. A beautiful article about Sustainable Swimwear Fashion. Manakai is honored to be on the top of the list. 





"Did you know that the fashion and textile industry has the second largest share of environmental pollution in the world? The production of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, which use high levels of crude oil and cause harmful gas emissions, makes it impossible to decrease this share. Fortunately, the number of brands that are starting to oppose this corrupt order within the same industry and making their production ethically - at least worldwide - is increasing. The process progresses in a more constructive way in Mayo brands; because the use of fabrics obtained by recycling plastics collected from the oceans keeps the idea of ​​the possibility of living in a better world alive and green.

If you want to support your stylish seaside appearance in an ecological sense, we recommend that you take a look at sustainable swimwear brands." - OGGUSTO


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August 01, 2020 — kelley chapman

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