Actress Sanny van Heteren is a eco-warrioress activist and a big fan of Manakai Swimwear. In her recent blog post: Support Sustainable Brands on Hawaii, she mentions several companies that focus on sustainability. Manakai is on the list. 


Sanny writes: "Hello all you wonderful conscious readers, thanks for dropping by. Due to closing of the islands to tourism, small business are suffering all over the world, especially here on Hawaii! We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some amazing brands that are located here on the islands, and make beautiful products. When you purchase from brands such as these, your are helping the economy but most importantly you are contributing to purchasing from a brand that is taking the best interest of our earth at heart. In these times I believe more than ever are we coming to realize that the world needs our nurturing right now. It is by our choices and how and where we spend our money that we can help, making changes for a better future and fulfilling our responsibilities for the generations to come."

Eco Couple

(Wearing the Pikake Top & Sweet Basil Bottoms)

"Manakai has a beautiful little shop in Lahaina, Maui. As you step inside you instantly feel that you are taken on a journey, of passion, sustainability and beauty. Every bathing suit has the ability to make you feel just a little more special. The best of all is you can feel confident by purchasing this swimwear you are making a small difference towards a more sustainable future.

Manakai Swimwear’s Eco~Conscious Collection is made of sustainable fabric created from regenerated nylon. The designs are beautiful yet the pieces are functional, wether you want to just hang out at the beach or jump on a board and catch some waves, Manakai has the sustainable option for you. I have had my bikini for a few years, and with some love and care it still looks brand new!"

-Sanny van Heteren 


Click here to shop The Sweet Basil Bottom


Pikake Top

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Thank you ECOCOUPLE for mentioning Manakai Swimwear and for supporting sustainable brands. 

August 01, 2020 — kelley chapman

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