"7 Eco-friendly & Ethical Swimwear brands that are making quite a splash this summer"


The creator of The Eco Nut based in Italy has made it her mission to spread foot onto people around her.  She has created a space dedicated to those who cherish all things beautiful, handmade, well-designed, Ethical, delicious, organic, local, Eco-friendly, sustainable and, above all, fun.

"If you’re planning to have a love affair with the Ocean this summer, you better look good on the outside and feel great on the inside. There’s nothing hotter than getting your tan lines from a perfectly-fitted swimwear, but better than that, knowing that you’re wearing a piece that has been ethically made. 

This guide features eco-conscious beach wear that are making quite the splash this summer, with their timeless designs, eco-friendly fabrics, ethical production practices, fair trading strategies and sustainable efforts." 

Manakai Swimwear black and white image of model underwater in one-piece kavakava

Once again Manakai Swimwear joins a list of world-renowned swimwear companies including Vitamin A, Rey, Luz Collections, Jets, Under Protection, and Peony Swimwear.  


December 29, 2017 — Anna Lieding

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