5 Swimwear Brands Going Seriously Sustainable

5 Swimwear Brands Going Seriously Sustainable

Adventure Sports Network is the gateway to the adventure sports and outdoor lifestyles. They share the stories of fellow outdoor and action sports enthusiasts, as well as the encounters that happen along the ride. We perked right up when we were notified that we were on the top of their list in a recent blog about sustainable swimwear written by water woman Rebecca Parsons.
September 04, 2018 — kelley chapman
Manakai Swimwear Featured in Natural Clothing Online Blog

"Where to Find Your Sustainable Swimwear" ~Natural Clothing

Manakai Swimwear is at the top of the list of ethical swimwear companies including Vitamin A, Shapes in the Sand, Jets, and Aurai Swimwear.  
January 17, 2018 — Anna Lieding
Passion Reporter Features Manakai Swimwear online ethical fashion blog

Featured in: Passion Reporter "Manakai Swimwear"

Manakai Swimwear finds international acclaim in the Netherland-based Passion Reporter online blog 

~Mila Cornelia

January 10, 2018 — Anna Lieding
Featured In: The Maui News "Swim Team"

Featured In: The Maui News "Swim Team"

"There's a story behind every successful partnership. This one began with a well-timed phone call."-The Maui News
February 18, 2017 — kelley chapman
Manakai Swimwear Featured in SUP the Mag

Featured in: Sup the Mag "Sustainable Swimwear"

Many of us live in our swimwear year-round. We paddle great distances in our suits and find joy in discovering the one perfect style that hugs our curves without slipping. Unfortunately, there’s a blatant problem within the industry that produces these suits we love: making them isn’t eco-friendly. Most swimsuit material is petroleum-based which is bad for the environment. Swimsuits’ harsh dyes and chemical treatments are equally toxic for your skin. To fix that problem, simply do your homework as a responsible consumer and avoid these harmful products. —Shari Coble

Owners Kelley and Anna are grateful and humbled to be featured amongst some of the top swimwear brands in the world.  Remember, "quality doesn’t have to be surrendered when doing good for the environment."  Read more about Manakai Swimwear and other companies that are changing the face of the fashion industry and making environmentally friendly swimwear choices available for women worldwide.


Manakai Swimwear Featured in SUP the Mag

January 18, 2017 — Anna Lieding